Cirque Wood Musical Box


Relaxing poetry.

With its toy-like spinning top shape, the Cirque Wooden Music Box also plays with the musical inspirations of childhood.

The famous lullaby ‘Good Evening, Good Night’, composed by Johannes Brahms, awakens familiar childhood memories – comfortable and tired in a warm bed but not wanting to fall asleep after the bedtime story; eventually, you drifted off singing the lullaby with family:

‘Good evening, good night, with roses adorned, with carnations covered, slip under the covers.’

Listen to the Melody By Clicking Here.

This memorable melody connects parents and children alike to this day.

The Cirque Wooden Music Box is handmade by a small family of craftsmen and artisans in the Black Forest region of Germany.

The creation techniques of these music boxes are meticulous. First, the mechanical 18-note chime is inserted into blocks of solid beech wood sustainably gathered from local forestry. Then the wood block is handcrafted into the perfect spinning toy shape by the family’s master turner. Finally, every music box reaches its elegant surface through manual grinding and polishing. Natural oils of premium quality awaken the unique character of the wood, while the musical movement inside brings to life Brahm’s ‘Good Evening, Good Night’ lullaby.

A source of relaxation and visual beauty proudly crafted for your nightstand, coffee table, desk, or kitchen counter.

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Adam & Harborth

Adam & Harborth • Germany

Waxed Beech Wood, 18-Note Mechanical Musical Movements, Black Brass Key

4.25 Diameter x 6″ H

Notes & Features:
• Johannes Brahms, 1868
• Good Evening, Good Night – Listen To Melody By Clicking
• Music playing time 2 minutes.
• Packaged in a high-quality gift box.

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