Weather Station


This modern tabletop Weather Station handsomely displays a combination of a barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer readings, providing you with a reliable analog link to the world of nature outside.

The Weather Station delivers precise measurements of the atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature, displaying current conditions and pending changes in the weather.

• Aneroid barometer displays air pressure in hPa and is engineered for quick response to changes in pressure.
• Thermometer measures temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
• Hygrometer displays relative air pressure in percentages.

The stacked scales are made of nickel-plated brass and are suspended on independently rotating axis points. All this sits on a beautifully polished brass base. An acrylic dome shelters the gauges from elements and dust, keeping it accurate and reliable.

The Weather Station is beautifully designed in a dome structure by German engineers of professional-grade meteorological equipment in the Black Forest.

It arrives packaged in a stately gift box.

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Schwarzwälder • Germany

Base: Solid Brass
Instruments: Nickel-Plated Brass
Dome: Acrylic

7″ L X 4.5″ Diameter

Notes & Features:
• Temperature display in Fahrenheit.

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