“Swing” Pepper & Spice Mill


Swing is a storage vessel and grinder for dried herbs, pepper, and spices.

Skeppshult of Sweden began making handcrafted cast iron cookware out of virgin iron ore in 1906. One hundred years later, the durability, versatility, and beauty of their products is a testament not only to the tenacity of cast iron but also to Skeppshult.

The combination of the walnut lid with the cast iron creates a timeless design. A strong rubber seal is fit into a groove on the inside of the lid so your pepper and spices will stay fresh longer. A notch is crafted into the rim of the bowl to make it easy to remove the lid.

Note: Not for use with salt or wet herbs.

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Skeppshult • Sweden

Cast Iron, Walnut Wood

3″ Diameter X 3.25″ H  2.75 Depth

Notes & Features:
• 25 Year Warranty

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