Generation Razor Set


Introducing the Bolin Webb collection of premium Generation Razors, featuring a distinctive shot-blast aluminum finish that brings a fresh look to your grooming routine.

With sleek, refreshing handles that are cool to the touch, these razors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hygienic and robust.

Now, you can elevate your shaving experience with the utility razor and stand set, which boasts the same premium quality and shaving performance as the award-winning R1 and X1 razor sets from the British grooming brand.

Plus, with Gillette blades fitted, you can be confident in a smooth and effortless shave every time. Try out the Generation Razor today and take your grooming game to the next level.


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Bolin Webb

Bolin Webb • UK

Steel Handle. Bacteria Resistant

6″ L X 1.5″ W X 1.75″ H

• Durable Aluminum Handle And Stand
• 2-Year Warranty
• Recyclable Packaging
• 2023 GQ Best Shaving Product
• 2023 IF Product Design Award Winner
• Presented with Gift Packaging

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Black, Blue, Graphite

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