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Alarm clock with a difference. DaqiConcept Chirp Alarm Clock is a unique alarm that blends superior sound and light technology with traditional craftsmanship.

The Chirp can also function as a Cuckoo Clock and announces the time with cuckoo sounds every hour and half-hour.

DaqiConcept Chirp guides your transition from tranquil sleep to tranquil awakening.

The Chirp alarm awakens you with gentle light and the blissful sounds of nature. It cleverly imitates sunrise with the intensity of light gradually increasing 20 minutes before the alarm sounds. The soft morning light encourages a state of serenity. The gradual light is joined with the sounds of nature that define the audio function. The result is a daily waking-up ritual that is naturally non-intrusive and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.

When not being used as an alarm you can use it as an audio player and bring nature sound inside your intimate environment. Various sounds can be individually selected that range from birds singing to sounds of nature, all intended to de-stress and de-clutter the daily demands of urban living.

Download the “DAQIchirp” App to customize your personal preferences. Your preferred sound and timing is synchronized via audio transmission.

This alarm clock is free from any wireless connection and issues no further signal. Daqiconcept Chirp facilitates a healthy sleep environment free from interference and has been designed to be placed safely beside your bed.

Form meets function as Chirp is not only a practical object but also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your interior. The handcrafted porcelain bird cover is fired in a traditional kiln. Each base is crafted from natural marble stone, every piece of marble contains a unique story waiting to be revealed.

Nothing like waking to a gentle bird chirping!


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DaqiConcept • Taiwan

Porcelain Bird, Marble Base, Metal, ABS Plastics, Electronic Components

3.5″ L X 3.5″ W X 8.25″ H

Notes Features:
• Bird singing alarm clock • Nature sounds player also controlled with iPhone Android app
• Light color temperature 2700K
• Wake-up light steadily brightens 20 minutes before the alarm sounds
• Cuckoo clock
• Announces time with cuckoo sounds every hour and half-hour
• One Touch sync via audio transmission that allows easy set up and extend sounds contents
• Input 5V 1A

Additional information

Chirp Alarm Clock – White Marble Base & Gold Details, Chirp Alarm Clock – Black Marble Base & Silver Details

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