Dandelion Nature Cube


The study of nature is made more appreciative, by the innovative Acrylic Nature Cubes of Kyoto by artist Koichi Yoshimura.

Inside each clear acrylic Dandelion Nature Cube, somehow lies a perfect specimen of a spectacular dried dandelion. Always fluffy and not wilted.

It’s a phenomenal technology that can de-oxygenize the dandelion specimen during the process. Each cube has no air bubbles and is hand-sanded and smoothed for clarity many times. The attention to detail is incredible.

The symbol of the dandelion often has associations of blowing the dried dandelion and scattering the fluffy seeds while making a wish. Each Sola Cube of Kyoto has a meaning transcribed on the packaging. The dandelion’s message reads: “Live with the Wind”.

The Dandelion Nature Cube is a long-time customer favorite at ATYS. Its purity and radiance showcase its uniqueness and allows for easy display.

Makes a magical gift for that special someone.



Koichi Yoshimura

Usagi no Nedoko • Japan

Natural Dandelion, Acrylic

Small: 1.6” L x 1.6” W x 1.6” H
Large: 2.0” L x 2.0” W x 2.0″ H

Notes & Features:
• Handmade in Japan
• Clean by simply wiping off with a soft cloth
• Fine cracks may occur if cleaned by solutions such as thinner or alcohol.
• Please avoid direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere which may cause discoloration or small cracks
• Only available in small size until February 2022

Additional information

Dandelion Nature Cube – Small, Dandelion Nature Cube – Large

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