Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror on the wall . . . who is the fairest of them all?

Inspired by Snow White’s fairytale, this charming mirror speaks directly to the viewer with its witty compliments on their outward appearance. The optimism reflective Mirror Mirror is designed and made in the Netherlands by Joop Steenkamer.

This minimalist Mirror Mirror has the words embedded within the glass, creating an artistic text block. But the sheer joy is reading how beautiful and special you are every day. We all could use some admiration as we mask our faces in the mirror before walking out the door.

The Mirror Mirror is available in two sizes and both make excellent gifts. An original present that makes everyone feel good day after day.




Joop Steenkamer Jr.

Goods Goods • Netherlands

Mirror Glass

Small: 12″ L X 12″ W
Large: 18″ L X 18″ W

Notes & Features:
• Mounted On a 2″ thick wood block for easy wall installation and gives the illusion the mirror is floating on the wall.
• Mounting Hardware Included.

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Mirror Mirror – Mirror Mirror – Small, Mirror Mirror – Mirror Mirror – Large

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