Phases of the Moon Calendar 2023


2022 – ugh! Let’s get this behind us and hang something in its place that promises to be a more luminous future for all.

Of all the amazing artist-made pieces we have offered throughout our 26 years, the annual Phases of The Moon Wall Calendar from Bethge Print Lab of Berlin, strikes a chord with our customers like no other.

Every year the Phases of The Moon Calendar is reimagined and re-designed.

For 2023 it returns to a traditional calendar format on exclusive black paper produced by the historic, iconic and prestigious Italian paper company Fedrigoni Papers.

Each month is meticulously hand-painted with pearlescent effect pigments that create unique luster and color effects that otherwise occur only in nature. The Phases of The Moon Calendar displays and floats effortlessly on a rubber loop suspended from a stainless steel rod.

A 400 limited-edition work of art that colorfully illustrates the phases of the moon each month with artistry and grace.

If you have ever thought about appreciating the lunar cycle or love architectural-rich graphic design, this art-driven calendar is for you. Or it makes a classic holiday gift for that spacey kind of friend.

In stock


Waltraud Bethge

Bethge Papier • Germany

Rice Paper, Metallic & Pearlescent Pigments, Stainless Steel & Rubber Display Hardware

19.25″ L x 20″ W x .25

Additional information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 24 × 1 in

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