Artisanal French-Fragrance Candles


Maison + House has brought together a collection of meticulously handcrafted Artisanal French-Fragrance Candles that will elevate your well-being environment to an aromatic tapestry work of art.

Transform your surroundings into an olfactory oasis with luxurious scents made using generous ratios of natural ingredients crafted by highly trained perfumers.

These visually rich-looking, luxurious scented candles are hand-poured in California with the maker’s proprietary wax, consisting of a non-toxic, clean-burning vegetal wax blend and fine fragrances from Grasse, France. Journey to the world’s perfume capital from the comfort of your home.

The Maison + House Candle vessels are crafted with high-quality, sustainable scientific-grade temperature and shatter-resistant glass. Fully recyclable or perfect for up-cycling as a container for other purposes.

The premium natural cotton wick with braided fiber ensures optimal fragrance release.

Combine with a Maison + House Wick Trimmer to make an ideal gift package.

For every candle sold, Maison + House plants one tree with



Maison House

Maison House • United States

Glass, Soy Based Wax, Fine Fragrance, Cotton Wick

3″ L X 3″ W x 3.5″ H
7 Ounces

Notes & Features:
• Hand-poured by artisans in California
• Exquisite fine fragrances
• Non-toxic and clean-burning
• Burn time of 40-50 hours

Additional information

Autumn Hues, Bergamote Deux, Forest Primeval, Oud Celestial, Oud Elysian, Mandarin White Tea, Patchouli Parisien, Tonka & Woods, Voyage of Hope

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