Pastoral Vase


This Japanese Design is a delicate sea of happy colors in a clear glass bucket.

Crafted by glass artisans in Tokyo, renowned for their craft and detail, the Pastoral Vase from Sugahara stands and delivers.

The multi-colored applied circles are attached to the inner surface of the vase interior, creating an entry for flower stems to stand up in formation.

The art-driven Pastoral Vase is a modern vessel which also acts as a wonderful sculpture when devoid of flowers.

Sugahara has produced well-designed handmade glassware of unsurpassed quality and beauty since 1932 in their Tokyo Manufactory.

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Sugahara • Japan

Lead-Free Glass

5.75″ L X 5.75″ W x 5″ H

Notes & Features:
• Handmade in Japan
• Because of the Nature of the Craft, Each Vase May Vary Slightly

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