Ride-On Peugeot Darl’Mat Toy Car


The perfect roadster for your backyard road trips – we are pleased to introduce the Ride-On Heritage Bentley Toy Car to our collection of cool.

Finally, a great looking and moving ride-on car that will create hours of entertainment and fun for your little cuties ages 3 and up.

Scooting around the driveway or even your large open loft – takes the level of fantasy driving to new heights on this design-focused heritage auto toy. It also looks like a high-design art object when not in use.

Licensed by Peugeot, the Ride-On Peugeot Darl’Mat Toy Car looks dashingly impressive in the Ocean Blue finish, with a comfy tan rubber seat. The aerodynamic finishing details are styled after the vintage classic 402 Coupe.

Designed outside of Paris by Emmanuel Nouveau, these well made ride-on cars are built in compliance with EU and US safety standards, and have been subjected to comprehensive safety testing.

The Ride-On Peugeot Darl’Mat Toy Car is the result of premier design focus and attention to children’s safety.

In stock


Emmanuel Nouveau

Baghera • France

Metal, Rubber

34″ L X 15″ W x 16″ H

Notes & Features:
• Official Peugeot Roadster Design
• Bright Ocean Blue
• Ultra Safe Ride-on Toy Car
• For Children Ages 3

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