Teapot N° 6


The N°6 Teapot is entirely handmade in the France-based studio by designer Inhee Ma, following a true craftsmanship process.

Inspired by minimalist aesthetics and traditional Korean pottery, the original glaze of the N°6 Teapot offers a smooth and soft texture that will find its place in any interior design. Attentive to provide a sustainable offer, Ini Ceramique ceramic studio only uses high-quality stoneware whose natural features ensure more durable and resistant items.

Offering a range of decorative vases for the home, Ini Ceramique makes each piece by hand from Chamotte Stoneware in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris. Graduating from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpelier, the modern forms evoke a dialog between art, architecture, and nature.

Each piece is fired at a high temperature and presents a contrast between the glazed interior and the raw exterior, emphasizing the clay’s natural texture.

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Ini Ceramique

Ini Ceramique • France

Stoneware Clay

5.5″ L X 7.8″ W x 7.8″ H

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