Mino+ Bluetooth Speaker


The Mino Bluetooth rechargeable speaker is mini in size, yet delivers great sound: listen to music or a podcast, make conference calls, and even take selfies! The speaker can also be used to make and receive hands-free calls during your WFH life. Designed by Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio for Lexon.

Pair two Minos together for an unparalleled stereo sound experience. The Mino Bluetooth speakers quickly charge via the included USB cord, or on any wireless charger, for up to two hours of playing time. Use the Lexon Mino Pairable Speaker to enjoy portable music in your office, home, or wherever you travel.

These easy-to-use colorful little gadgets have a wonderful design quality, making them an ATYS customer all-time favorite.

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Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Lexon • France


1.4″ W x 1.4″ H

Notes & Features:
• 3 Watt Output
• Bluetooth® 4.2 TWS technology for multiple speaker pairing
• Functions as a “Hands-free”speaker with your phone
• Use as Selfie Controller With Camera
• Playback Time: 2 Hours
• Charging Time: 1 Hour
• Includes USB Power and Charging Cable

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