Card Holder Wallet


Many many years ago, at our very first modern object design show in Europe, we came across the stunning colorful world of leather artist Hester Van Eeghen.

The smallest edition wallet made by Hester is the modest but mighty and colorful Card Holder Wallet.

The Card Holder Wallet imagined and created by Hester Van Eeghen is always black on one side and a peacock of color on the opposite.

The diagonal lines are expressive and architectural. The moment when the Dutch-designed Card Holder Wallet is flipped over there is always an element of surprise.

This Card Holder Wallet is extremely popular with our customers who crave a superior but a very thin front pocket wallet.

Crafted in Italy, the wallets in Hester Van Eeghen’s collection make for the ultimate design-driven wallet for oneself or a gift.



Hester Van Eeghen

Hester Van Eeghen • Italy


4.33” L x 2.75” W x .010” H

Notes & Features:
• Designed in Amsterdam
• Made in Italy
• Superb Leather Craftsmanship
• Unique Color Combinations

Additional information

Berries, Campagna, Dolce, Luna, Mars, Mocha, Multi Color, Sole, Terra, Verdura

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